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Root Canal Therapy

Underneath the enamel and dentin layer of your tooth is the pulp.  This area contains numerous nerve tissues that are sensitive to outside stimuli.  When a root canal treatment occurs, this area is given the most attention and care.

If the pulp is unprotected from outside exposure, the tissue can become infected.  When this event occurs, pain and tooth loss may be the end result.  The bone around the teeth can also be affected, causing significant structural damage.  Excessive tooth fractures or large cavities are frequent events that open the pulp to exposure.

An infected pulp can be effectively treated with a root canal procedure.  Boston dentists Dr. Basel Badawi and Dr. Chau Hoang hold significant expertise in this area of dentistry.  This treatment involves the removal of infected or dead issue in the pulp space.  Antibiotics and fluids are also administered to clean out the area.  This helps to thoroughly disinfect the tissue and prevent additional infections.

Root Canal South Boston

After the pulp has been cleaned, a crown is placed onto the treated tooth to protect the pulp from exposure.  With technological advances, root canal treatments are performed with more comfort and pace than ever.  An effective procedure can not only eliminate problems but also enhance your smile’s appearance! As part of the leading dental practice in the Seaport District and surrounding areas, CITIDental is the best choice for root canal treatment.  

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