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While braces are frequent options to addressing misaligned teeth, they present a distracting appearance on your smile.  Invisalign is the innovative alternative to treating this problem.  With their flexible and transparent features, you can achieve a straightened smile at your highest comfort and convenience.

Using 3D computer imaging technology to accurately render your natural smile, the Invisalign aligners are produced and personalized just for you! These aligners are clear which means they are virtually invisible to anyone that sees your smile.  Over a period, the aligners will gradually straighten your smile and improve your biting functions. 

Invisalign aligners possess additional benefits outside of their convenience.  They are removable which means the straightening process continues no matter how often you need to make adjustments.  Additionally, you can continue to eat the foods you have enjoyed throughout your life.  The Invisalign experience can deliver superb results without intruding on your daily routine.

The most effective and long-lasting Invisalign treatments can be delivered under the care of Boston dentists Dr. Chau Hoang and Dr. Basel Badawi.  Visit our office to experience the full benefits of Invisalign!

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