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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction South Boston

If serious decay has rendered your tooth unrecoverable, then an extraction may be necessary.  This is a routine procedure that removes an individual tooth safely and easily.  The extraction can prevent additional infections while also providing the ability to receive a dental implant that is comfortable and resilient.

Your teeth are first examined to analyze the severity of the problem.  Anesthesia may be provided but in most cases, you will remain fully conscious during the extraction.  Nitrous oxide is also available to reduce anxiety.  Despite these options, pain is rarely experienced during an extraction procedure.  Surgical procedures are limited during a tooth extraction to provide the most pleasant experience possible.

After the extraction, gauze is placed on the treated area to minimize bleeding and maintain stability.  Medication may also be provided to manage post-treatment pain.  With the correct maintenance and practices, the gums can recover within weeks. 


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