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Scaling and Root Planing

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Periodontal diseases are caused by an excessive accumulation of tartar in your teeth. Tartar originates from plaque, which can affect your oral health for an extensive period of time. Plaque contains numerous bacteria that have the potential to harm your teeth. Scaling and root planning is a popular treatment that can eliminate the foundations that cause periodontal diseases.

This treatment directly removes tartar from your teeth to prevent diseases from forming. Special instruments such as scalers and fibers are utilized to scrape the tartar out of your mouth. The scalar thoroughly addresses the area below the gum line. The spaces between your teeth are also cleaned with delicateness to avoid harming the gums.

The tooth root is also smoothed to prevent future tartar from appearing. Your teeth are also rinsed with antibiotic fluids to prevent future or repeat infections. The most recommended practice to protect your teeth from periodontal diseases is by adjusting to a healthier diet and avoiding the use of tobacco.


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