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Missing teeth remains a persistent issue for both patients and doctors alike.  Through all the practices that have emerged in dentistry, the solutions that have maintained excellent consistency in treating this problem are dentures.  These appliances are some of the most versatile and efficient options in treating missing teeth.

Dentures are applied through standard or partial forms.  Standard dentures address a full set of teeth. They are designed using flexible material that allows the suction to secure their position.   These dentures require frequent visits to the dentist to prevent shrinkage from occurring.

Partial dentures are also provided when only a small amount of teeth are lost.   They are individual restorations that are fitted into your mouth to enhance your teeth’s vitality and structure.  They are supported by adjacent teeth and securely bonded to the gums.  The advantages that partial dentures retain over standard ones are their comfort and stability.


Cosmetic dentures are designed to emulate the natural-looking features of your teeth.  They are produced from acrylic material to prevent the occurrence of shrinking and abnormal shaping. Cosmetic dentures can be secured with implants.  The implant screws are inserted into the ends of the dentures to maintain their position.

With these outstanding options available, missing teeth does not have to plague your smile forever.  Boston dentists Dr. Basel Badawi and Dr. Chau Hoang are experts in delivering the high quality dentures that can bring glamour back to your smile! We serve Seaport and the surrounding areas.

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We serve Seaport and the surrounding areas.