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Dental Veneers South Boston

The most convenient path towards achieving a beautiful smile is through veneers.  This treatment consists of porcelain or resin shells that are placed in front of your teeth to conceal their imperfections.  This is a favorable treatment especially if your teeth are discolored or chipped frequently through coffee consumption and physical activities.  They can improve your teeth’s shape, coloring, and positioning to bring a rewarding cosmetic restoration to your smile!

After a completed examination of your teeth, the veneers are designed to complement the unique features of your smile.  In addition to their cosmetic enhancements, veneers can also support your teeth’s structure and improve their durability.

A veneers treatment is one of the most simple and viable procedures in the field.  The treatment requires no invasive procedure so you can assure yourself of a comfortable experience.


At CITIDental South Boston, Dr. Basel Badawi and Dr. Chau Hoang are one of the most consistent professionals when it comes to delivering veneers with long-lasting results.

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