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Dental Health and Your Diet

Oral Health and Your Diet

If you care about the health of your teeth, then it is important to consistently monitor your diet.  Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay especially when bacteria are present in your mouth.

Sugar is found in various food and beverages, including soda, soft drinks, chips, and sweets.  You can save your teeth from numerous problems in the future by limiting your consumption of these foods.  Even non-sugar nourishments such as bread can be converted into sugar that affects your teeth’s health.  That is why it is important to fully understand the foods you are eating.

After a meal, sugar can remain on your teeth – this leads to the formation of plaque and eventually, tartar.  Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse with Fluoride mouthwash to fully remove the sugar.

Monitoring your diet is one of the best practices to ensure the health of your teeth.   Make a commitment to maintaining a healthy diet so you can enjoy a robust smile for years to come!

Dental Health & Your Diet

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