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Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns South Boston

A crown is utilized to replace lost teeth enamel or structure.  This can occur because of physical damage or tooth decay.  Crowns range from full porcelain or metal designs.  They are an excellent solution whenever a missing or damaged tooth needs replacement.

The standout benefits of crowns are their natural-looking appearance and secure mode of application.  If your case involves multiple missing teeth, then bridges are another viable option.  Bridges offer the cosmetically-appealing and stable features that crowns provide.  You can also customize these appliances through changing their color and the materials they are designed from.  These include porcelain and metals..

Crowns and bridges offer consistent remedies to the frequent case of missing teeth.  They are also constructed to match your teeth’s color, shape, size, and texture.  Crowns and bridges can last longer with great oral hygiene and consistent visits to the dentist.  With their natural-looking appearance and durable structures, they can steer your smile towards a brighter and healthier future! 


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