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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding South Boston

If discoloration, misalignment, or tooth gaps are affecting your smile, then you can find a simple solution in composite bonding. This is an affordable treatment that can deliver fantastic results without exerting copious damage on your teeth.

Bonding contains porcelain and resin material that can provide sturdy protection to damaged teeth. The restoration completely simulates your teeth’s appearance and performs their critical functions.  This means your restoration is completely unnoticeable when you smile.   The process involves few pain or surgical procedures.

A routine bonding treatment only requires a single visit in which your teeth are completely restored to their optimal health.  The materials can be fabricated and personalized for you within minutes.  When it comes to effective and comfortable treatments, composite bonding is one of the most recommended in the field.


Our team of experts is more than qualified to provide you with a comprehensive bonding treatment.   Boston dental experts Dr. Basel Badawi and Dr. Chau Hoang have delivered marvelous results in this field for decades.  If you desire the utmost in quality bonding, then CITIDental Boston is your source.

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