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CEREC Crowns South Boston

CEREC presents a revolutionary method to restore the health of your teeth.  In only a single visit, the perfect smile can instantly become yours!  CEREC provides natural-looking, safe, and durable restorations that will shape your smile for a long time! 

Not only are crowns designed and applied with CEREC technology, but also inlays, onlays, veneers, and fillings.   All restorations fully utilize safe and effective materials such as gold, amalgam, and metals.  CEREC crowns are constructed using the most durable ceramic material to provide your teeth with an effective restorations!

After a 3D image is taken of your teeth, the restoration is fabricated through computer-aided design (CAD).  Through this process, every detail of your teeth is thoroughly involved in the production of your restoration.  This helps create personalized and pinpoint results.  In only 20 minutes, the restoration is fully fabricated and ready to change your smile! 


Numerous patients have been ecstatic about the positive results that CEREC has provided them with.  The advantages of this technology are immeasurable.  With healthier, safer, and more comfortable restorations, CEREC can be a redefining experience for your smile! 

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